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We specialise in Psychometric Assessments and Consulting within Public, Community Service, Educational and Corporate sectors. We additionally provide the South African Correctional Services with Offender Rehabilitation Assessments.

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What We Do

Our cost effective and unique solutions are aimed at increasing accessibility to promote change. This is what drives us and what makes us different. Each letter in our name represents an area of focus within our business:

NGO: Rehabilitation and Access testing

Organisational, Personal Development, Training

Metrics: Psychometric Assessments, Research and Development

Educational: Career-, Subject choice and RPL for Access Assessments

About NO:ME

NO:ME Psychometrics & Consulting was founded on the 10th of January 2013 by its founding members Karina Olivier and Jean van Vuuren. Initially, our main service started with RPL for Access with two colleges.

The products and services that are available today came from us reacting to the identified needs within the markets. These products and services grew into the four main areas in which we currently work: (NGO’s; Organisational People development, training and coaching; Metrics, Research and Development and Education). Our name further suggests the foundation of our services, namely working through psychometric applications.


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